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Friday Nights Cod4 Game Information


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Me and T have been trading blows (in the best possible taste) for many years, I have to remember sometimes that not everyone will tolerate my weegie teasing. I did it on another server recently and was promptly told to quit the weegie jokes or he'd come round and rape my dog. T on the other hand offers to buy me a pint. You did say you were buying right T? :thumbsup:

Depends ...... does your dog have a sister?

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I hear what you're saying about the respawn and when I recover from doing my head in sorting out the custom servers our research team will look into this irritating problem. But for now [sPARTA] S7 GRNetmod server (port 28966) is up and will be used on Fridays and Saturdays. Password as usual is rocky.

Please visit it beforehand to autodownload 2 small files, there are no custom maps on this server so it wont take long.

As previously stated the following items have been removed

last stand


dead silence





extra grenades

extreme conditioning




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T 1 the day when other peeps have to apologise to me for TKing them more than the other way round is a long time coming.

If the gameplay is starting to be less fun with a full server there is the option of reducing the max numbers and using two servers on the night.


Zeno has also setup a server with a load off new maps that we are evaluating (map pack on way thanks to Floyd). The bigger maps that turn out to be good enough could be used on these nights to allow larger numbers of players.

Personally I would prefer fixed spawn areas which we could admin out the spawn camping like GRAW.

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excellent zeno!!!

1000% better tonight with the server settings IMHO. even though there was a lot of players, it never got spammy or crowded, great job :)

actually my team killing is down 5000% beacuse the are no airstrikes :D i'm so accurate on my own team with airstrike it's not even funny :D

ave it :thumbsup:


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Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it. Like I said there is a great game waiting to shine throug if we can get the settings right.

Best part of the game is the comms. BTW my numerous deaths are a result of constantly pushing the bomb forward (Mik's as well) thats my excuse anyway, lol

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Saturday night was great too - I seem to prefer it when it's about 5 or 6 aside with split comms, that's my sweet spot - you can really work on tactics and comms with that sort of number.

We could split each team and have two or more squads in each side using channel commander. If I am on then I would help set it up and move guys into (and out of when people leave to even up) the right squad.

I haven't spoken to Zeno or Floyd but it probablly is possible to turn off autobalance and trust peeps to even things up.

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Spent the evening out on a whim with my girlfriend, sorry I missed you guys. I'm on for tonight if you all are.

I've played online for only two nights (I think 4h combined) and am at Level 18 - Gunnery Sgt. I LOVE this game. So much fun.

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