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how do you record movies?

Cpl Ledanek

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ok saw another COD4 movie with 3rd POV and slow mo here at Stage6...how do you record your game?

nvrmnd: found on another forum:

Guys here is a way to record your ingame play without using FRAPS.And its all in the game itself.

The thing is, they are saved in the wrong location (by default) and you can only watch them in MoDWarfare.

First of all, a demo is recorded by typing inot the console: /record demoname (demoname can be whatever name you want the demo to have)

Once you are done recording, you type: /stoprecord (you can record gameplay, the menu and pretty much whatever you want)

The demo will be saved in My Computer>HDD>Program Files>Activision>Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare>Main>Demos.

It needs to be moved to My Computer>HDD>Program Files>Activision Call Of Duty Modern Warfare>Mods>ModWarfare>Demos.

Now, you need to launch CoD4 Multiplayer and from the main menu, select mods and double click on ModWarfare (note, this will result in a crash if XFire is active, so exit it before proceeding).

Once you are in ModWarfare (it has a slightly blueish background and the ern in modern is crossed out with a red marker) type into the console: /demo demoname (name of the demo you want to watch).

Hope this helps out any of you movie stars,wanting to make a movie of yourself and others.

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