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uh60 blackhawk skin


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okay guys, i finally got my blackhawk skin to show-up in game. the skin still needs some work but i think it is going along nicely. i am trying to make it as historically accurate as possible. but the way the COD4 skin files are set-up, it cannot be 100% accurate. anyways, here is a refence pic and a couple of in game shots.



in-game shots:




i think the skin looks great on the cargo ship mission. comments would be greatly appreciated

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bah! puddle pirates. (its an inside joke - some will understand)

Just kidding.

Looks really good - the USCG emblem doesn't seem to blend as well as the colors...but it may just be the angle of the shots. I like it though.

I assume you have a USCG mission planned as well.

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i dont have r6 vegas :D no i dont have a special mission or anything like that. the skin looks great on the cargo ship mission but all the others, not so much. i havent decided yet but i might do a character skin as well. make em match the helo ;) i guess if you wanted me to do a r6 vegas blackhawk skin, you would have to give me the file for the blackhawk

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There was one sequence I remember seeing a UH-60 or two. maybe the Dam bridge where the one gets shot down. I could be wrong. I hope not, this would be bad ass.

Either way, all it would be is a black helo without any significant markings, used for BlackOps. Not too difficult. Also If you guys remember from the book Rainbow Six they used a BH with standard civilian numbers on it to kind of keep people guessing.

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