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a new equipment mod "EDF"


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Ingeloop is my favourite skinner and the reason I wanna release this mod is that I'm keeping hostage some of his best creations.

Ditto. That's why I wanna release this mod. I feel really guilty to keep hostage some of his best creations ever.

Great to see you around again Giampi!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Yeah, me too! Writing you soon mate.

Let me finish a stuff I'm up to in the next 2 weeks and then I start again scripting.

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Today I remembered I had a Dropbox account and was able to retrieve login and password. With a big surprise I found the zip file of this old alpha phase mode. What a great work Ingeloop did! I played the first mission I scripted and it was a blast! meaning I have been wiped out in 3 minutesĀ :whistle:

Problem is that time is little otherwise I would really like to go back to modding and release this mod!

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