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a new equipment mod "EDF"


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Just a clarification: the abandon of this mod is entirely on me, Ingeloop practically finished his job.

It's not the place to explain what happened to me neither I want to do it. I guess it's enough to say that I pass a moment in my life where I started to think a lot about what? who? why? and so on.

I'm not saying I'm back but let me tell you I just bought an old laptop with Windows with the purpose to install GR (my experiment to run GR and Igor with Wine in Ubuntu were not satisfactory).


Giampi / GWDS / Giwex

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did you get white textures in wine, Giampi? and a white screen in the game?

after reading a couple of threads by Alex, do what Apex suggests and download virtualbox.

and you can still run igor fine in ubuntu if it's white textures

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:<img src=:'>

Thanks so much for dropping by, Giampi! So happy to see you again and even more thrilled to hear about you getting a GR machine ready. (BTW - I posted about running GR inside a VirtualBox virtual machine on Ubuntu here.)

Of course I would love for you to get back into GR modding, but I understand very well when RL has to take precedence. Went through a very tough phase in my life where there was simply no place for GR at all. Even now I cannot spare as much time for GR as I would want, but I try to manage now and then, and it is a very welcome diversion when I do.

I hope all goes well for you and that you'll find satisfactory answers to your questions.

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hey Giampi! L T NO SEE...I had to stop n think some last time I opened IGOR...but I'm old.

ingeloop! had any good bar b que lately? Good to hear from ya...still loving those Naval Infantry chrs..


hi m8!!

good to hear from you too :yes:

im always BBQ-ing :thumbsup:

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