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a new equipment mod "EDF"


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EDF stands for Eritrea Defence Force and this mod wants to be a tribute to the glorious soldiers of this tiny country.

Eritrea now is on the verge of political and economical collapse and the army situation reflects very well this situation.

However this mod doesn't want to reflect this actual situation but takes inspiration from Desert Siege where Eritrean Army is often named but never shown in action (with the little exception of the Eritrean Specialist Jodit Haile). However 4 characters are included in the expansion pack for MP use. You can see a picture of them here:


The actual uniform are slightly different (however RSE didn't make a bad job at all :) ). See some of the creations by Mr. Ingeloop



If you check carefully also the weapons are new. The mod will feature a full new weaponry by Thales100... but this will be revealed in another post :P

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As a side project to Blood Oil Mod a new equipment mod is going to be released soon by Ingeloop, Thales100 and myself with many other contributors's stuff.

Working title is EDF:The parallel Siege.

We hope to give you some details soon :)

Do you guys are still working on Blood Oil?

I tough that Blood Oil was ditched

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no m8, it is not ditched. just been put on hold for a bit.

Glad to hear, I tough it was dead because the mapper went pro (bigbluesoul)

are you guys going to include new maps anyway??? I know cobaka was on the team and he knows how

to map in 3ds max

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For those who are interested I'm trying to script a campaign with non-linear missions as I understand it's what people are asking.

A decent full on assault always fits in at some point!


non-linear missions

Yes please. Ambushes have there uses else where?


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This mod will be finished soon, after the release of DEA - Most Wanted mod ill join together all files of EDF , make some fine tuning and release this great mod too, that takes place in Africa.


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