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Suggestion for the Game

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Hello, I'm also a fans of GhostRecon. Here's my first topic.

As I mentioned there's a suggestion for the game and that is.. The newest one GR:AW2 which I've played and I noticed that it lacks the music which makes me feel.. ermm.. mighty or magnificent.. I found these music in Ghost Recon1.. [oops the Desert Siege is really nice] :blush: Should I describe the music as Symphonic Musics?.. I don't know..

The music is 1 of the stuff captivating me.. Haha.. Also.. GR:AW2 lacks missions which placed in a jungle or on a mountain or I don't know how to get them.. just like the old version GhostRecon.. Actually the GhostRecon is still extremely valuable for me to reminisce it.. Moreover the atmosphere is better than the new ones even! I guess.. Although the picture is worse than the newest 1 but it's still placed near top position from my aspect. I like GhostRecon SO MUCH

Sorry for my bad presenting.. I'm 17-year-old Hongkongnese student so please forgive me :blush:

Here's a screenshot took from GhostRecon


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Ya but it puts you at a disadvantage when playing Multiplayer... you need to be able to see in the fog and need to make the tree's skinner... you know GR1 tactics LOL

Man I remember playing in clan games back in the day with a smoking machine and playing 800 X 600 with most setting on low... what a shame..

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Haha thanks, but my previous trash PC couldnt afford such nice picture.. :wall: Also I could kill nothing during multiplayer... Extremely upset that there was no Asian Server at that time :wall: By the way I prefer playing in the laggy servers instead of Asian's servers :rolleyes:

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