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2007 Video Card Roundup

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I'm not sure, I had a quick look for UK prices for the top three cards but actually struggled to find those cards at my usual e-tailer :unsure: After a little more searching I seemed to find that there was a huge leap in price between the 2nd and 3rd ranked cards and I tend to go for best bang per buck rather than top of the range, as you know :)

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I can vouch for the 8800GT 512MB. I have the eVGA superclocked version and it's performance has been great. I got it when it first came out so the price was jacked up a bit because of demand, but it should be somewhere around $250 US. Best bang for the buck in my opinion. Better performance than the 640MB GTS and almost to the GTX for a fairly low price. The newer 512MB GTS is a bit faster than the GT now, but $100 US more for it is too much.

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