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I have just downloaded the chapter 2 add-on from xbox live,

When hosting a room - i am finding it very difficult connecting to other players,

I assume this is because most people just don't have chapter 2? (when searching for games - match my packages=yes)

Has anyone else found this problem? - if so, can i disable the add-on somehow?

My setup is the same as before, as far as i can tell. Apart from the maps, i cannot see any other option that could have been changed.

Can anyone help? :wall:

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I seem to remember on GRAW2 you turn off DLC in the player customization area. So go to the screen where you edit your character's appearance...maybe its in there.

That said, a lot of people in GRAW never paid the 600MS to get the maps. Many of those that did have moved on. Send me a game invite sometime and I'll join you, though, as I can never find folks to play the campaign with.

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Thats great! - i will check that out after i finish work.

If you want to add me - my gamertag is the same as my username on here (ONESIPHORUSUK2)

I've been looking for someone to do the campaign with too. Although you'll have to bear with me as i still dont know the new maps etc.

Thanks for the reply - i didnt think anyone was going to.

If anyone else is interested in playing on live, who has the DLC - please gimme a shout.

Thanks again Alderei.

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