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I am trying to get GhostRecon working in a VMware virtual machine, but keep getting a WXP startup error on program initiation. All the settings on the virtual machine have been tested, DirectX 10 actually runs without problems in this environment. My ultimate goal is to avoid going to Vista by keeping the XP Pro environment alive in on a virtual machine.

However, I vaguely remember similar GR startup problems a while back on physical machines. Does anybody have any ideas on how to proceed.

The problem seems to be that VMware Workstation v6.0 does not fully support Direct X 9.c (or any other version for that matter). Until this type of support is available, then playing games in a virtual machine will probably not be possible. However, I will continue to keep an eye on developments in this area.

Looking for any info in this area?


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VMware Fusion will support DX gaming, but its MAC only. However with the new hacks in the Leopard OS you can actually load it on your rig, throw on Fusion and then install some Windows based games rigs as VM machines and play away. GR works great on it!

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