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Tactical Realism for CoD4


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Sounds interesting.

|TL| TRMv1.3 Hardcore Tactical Realism -

-All TR rules are embedded into the mod (shooting without sights doesn't do damage, cant jump shoot, nades will be disabled for the first 20 seconds, etc..) No more warnings, kicks or bans for not following our rules Smiley

-UAV's Helo's and airstrikes are turned off

-No 203's, RPG's or p90's (p90 will be back once our weapons mod is complete)

-You can bandage and bandage teammates

-guns jam

-you can shoot guns out of peoples hands

-enemy tags are off

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Ah, silly me, thanks Rookie. I played on it for a game tonight, was pretty good. You don't get a hit indicator when you are on target which is cool, and they also removed the individual status from the tab display, ie you do not know who on your team is alive or dead.

There's no big green arrow leading you to the objective either, and you get a cool message when you go down telling you who hit you and exactly where lol, it flashed up a bit quick so I'm not sure what other info it imparts.

Rookie, what's your xfire - do I have you on my list already?

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played on it as well couldnt get the hang of it plus my ping was quite high and seemed as though it was hard to kill for me anyways, maybe need a uk server with the same settings to get the full benifit, are the planning on releasing as a mod.

You were on the same time as me, my ping from the UK was okay though, I think it was around 170-200. Were you remembering to shoot only with the sights up, otherwise the hits don't count.

I played on it briefly and noticed that it renamed all my weapon classes so it might be worth backing up your mp player info just in case anything gets changed accidentally but i like the idea.. :thumbsup:

Yeh, when I went back to a ranked server I thougt I had lost of my custom kits, but it looks like it was just the renaming I lost.

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Just be aware that when i played in there yesterday some guy on my team began the round by shooting me with his pistol and then when i looked around to see where it was coming from and saw it was a "team mate" he ran over and killed me with his knife, that was enough for me... :angry:

I have sent a pm to the |TL| guys who are looking into it..

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