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Gametrailers Game Awards 2007


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Best Strategy Game

Winner : World in Conflict.

The following forum post was quite entertaining.

After watching the GT video “Game of the Year Awards 2007: Best strategy game” I about fell out of my chair laughing at the results. First off you have two games nominated which were never reviewed by GT because they are PC exclusives. World in Conflict and CoH: Opposing Fronts both were ignored and didn’t rate a review while we have such gems such as Eye of Judgment getting 5 minutes of fame in a video review. Opposing Fronts doesn’t even have the box art up but was still nominated as a possible best strategy game of 2007.

When the winner was announced being World in Conflict I thought to myself “Wow this game must be good I wonder what score it got on the review” only to find out there is no review! You just awarded the best strategy game of 2007 without even reviewing it! How does this happen? Pure and utter laziness. If you’re going to have some ###### poor game of the year awards like a decent gaming site don’t pick winners and nominees you haven’t even reviewed before. I have a real hard time believing you actually played either World in Conflict or Opposing Fronts and rather just based your judgment on media videos you hosted on the website.

This is just another reason why GT is the biggest joke around when it comes to gaming sites on the internet. With the total ignorance of PC titles then awarding PC exclusives awards based on nothing shown on your site except developer supplied media just reaffirms the amateur status of this company. I didn’t watch any of the other game of the year videos but I’m sure it’s more of the same I noticed in this one.

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