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Mp3 (SOAF for GR) by GWDS


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I was unsure whether I should open a new thread or revive this one for my question, I decided to do the latter since it still fits in here.

So I was wondering if there are still people here that could perhaps further develop this mod so it becomes a fully grown conversion mod from SOAF to GR?

Because in its current state it seems to merely serve as an asset basis for other mods to use (as far as I can tell).

What I think needs to be done are (probably I'm missing some things):

- all the mission specific scripts (assuming most if not all of the script related stuff from SOAF is possible in GR)

- NPC placements in the map

- changing the hud color from blue to orange (if thats possible)

- put all the mission maps into a campaign instead of quick mission levels

- assign all the briefing sounds to their missions and put up some mission preview pics

- properly implement the training map (currently its also only accessible over quick mission and starting the training map crashes the game)

However I'm not a GR modder and perhaps its all not that easy or quick to do. But I think it would be very awesome to be able to play SOAF as an "unofficial third extension pack" in GR instead of having to play it seperatly.

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I read that already so I automatically assumed that you were finished with this project (which is sad but I respect your decision).

Thanks for your work up to this point though, its greatly appreciated ;)

If you want you can PM me a link to your unreleased 1.2 version so I can try it and figure out what works and what doesn't (assuming you still have it).

And I would continue this project myself, however I don't have the slightest knowledge about GR modding (I just reinstalled the game 5 days ago after a 10 year pause) and currently am busy with other things to do. Perhaps once I have some more time I can dig into it but thats only the best case scenario for me.

So I was hoping that some other (skilled) members here would be interested in this project and perhaps continue it :)

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Tnx², work like a charm here, win7 64. talking for extraction, skin & weapons work well in GR missions, except for the images of kits, for the SOAF missions i have a crash and cant open them in Igor, if i find some clue, i will post here...

perhaps, its a bug of my own, but the .env for each map, are not extracted to the folder for each, it will be possible to make some command maps by Igor, and normaly there is no need to change the mission, there is just a problem of incompability with the sensor kit, so just put the one from soaf, in the equip folder...

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