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Two new toys!


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Picked up a new AR15 today and got all the goodies installed. Also traded for an upper to go with a lower I've been saving. The build begins next week, once my lower parts kit arrives! :bounce:


Better and more pics to follow, and I have two Nighthawk Customs to share later. :D

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Yep, still in the land of stupidity- for now. I have a Prince 50 mag catch installed with a 10/30 mag, and the Stags are OLL so we're all above board there. ;-) Kind of sucks to have to do that, but you do what you have to. I've also got a Mega lower sitting at my FFL's I'll pick up sometime next year for an SPR build, but I've done enough buying for the moment. :D And Whisper, you'll really like the EMod. This is my second one and if I ever decide to gussy up the beater M4 in that pic above, I'll definitely get another.

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Got some more gun pr0n and a couple teaser shots of a Nighthawk in preparation for a review. (I was hoping to do two Nighthawks, but looks it'll be a split review, with the second one coming in about a month.) Also included are some pics of my Kimber, which I resurfaced a little while back.

Some detail of the optics and stock on the AR





A somewhat truer representation of the color of flat dark earth in the first pic of the Kimber




Nighthawk GRP (and yes, there are two different sets of grips shown- the green ones are staying)






OMG Mags! :D


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