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Xmas gift


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hi there guys!

in these times of joy and relaxation i would like to give a small :santa: xmas gift

to this community.

since i released my MVD Osnaz mod thoughts has been there to release something

more with these russian special units.

so thats why you in a couple of days will be able to lay your hands on : Udmurtia Spetsnaz

udmurtia is a region in russia that lies in the southern ural mountains.

the capital is izhevsk and there you'll find the ismash gun factory, home of many russian guns.

many units from this region has seen a great deal of action in recent years.

OMSN Sobol - quick reaction force (earlier the name was SOBR)

Krechet - an elite unit within the MVD (can cope with the most situations really)

Udmurtia OMON - an elite police unit.

as stated before on many occasions, i do not have IGOR (not Mac friendly) and that's why

i've not created any missions myself.

but my good friend Migryder let me use his Pressure missions and i've done some small

alterations and made them fit into this mod.

at this stage there will be 5 missions in this mod, made for quickmission play and they will

take you to diff. places in russia and get you in various situations.

things could happen to these missions under the next 24 hours though.

another friend is betatesting this folder and could perhaps create a campaign out of them.

i'll keep you posted about that of course.

so...fingers crossed people and you'll soon have your Xmas saved :D

i'll post some screenies in a short while.

best regards /ingeloop

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last file has been sent to my uploader and either Rocky or Tinker should

have the mod folder soon.

a merry xmas and a happy new year to all of you guys!!!!

best regadrs/ ingeloop

The "uploader" is me :D I received all the updates, made a quick final betatest, packed the mod file and I'm uploading right now. :thumbsup:

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Yeah, thanks, im downloading it right now, its a 100mb pack zipped (!) , big stuff ... :)

yes, if you gotta do it, why not go big time all the way :shifty:

thx a million GWDS and GR staff for putting this up so quickly, you're the best :thumbsup:

sitting up in my winterhouse up north and waiting for santa :D

merry xmas all of you and may you enjoy the mod.

please feel free to discuss and come with feedback on this thread.

you have my 100% guarantee that i can do nothing ...... :P ....... right now i mean.

over and out for now/ ingeloop

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Today download the mod and install on my laptop....this mod is realy good!!!!

I have show the mod to some friends and they say ....we loved!!!!! (including my self) but the only thing we don;t like is the fact that we can't play online. I understand that may not be the goal Or there was no time to do the mod online but if you can plizzz.

Another thing is I can not see the textures of some sniper weapons (Maybe my problem is my video, intel 915gm) But I am going to install it in other pc to confirm and do some screens

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