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Rotating the Skybox


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I think the skybox could be rotated in the manner you describe by using the same file names and .rsb's but assigning the file name to a different .rsb from the original group. The .rsb for the top of the skybox would keep the same name but would have to be rotated in Photoshop. This is all guess work as I haven't tried it myself.

Then there is the Lighting tool, which I have no experience with. With it, I am thinking you can set the point from where the light originates. I think there is a tut in the Recon section for its general use. I think the lighting tool is pretty buggy.

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In other game editors you can rotate it 360 degrees - I couldnt find that function in Igor - can it be rotated - not dynamic.

Just set up so that the sun shines from a different location?

Rotating it 360 degrees will be the same as it is now at 0 degrees.

The easiest way to rotate it less than 360 degrees, as mentioned, is to either remake it in 3dsmax or find a skybox with a sun where you want it, copy it, use textures from a skybox that you like, rename them, use Mike Schell's Skinner utility to reassign the textures to the skybox and put it in your game as a mod.

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