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Windows XP SP3 RC out now

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OK, I did a fresh reinstall of WinXP on one of my systems that isn't mission-critical, and loaded up SP3 RC1. I was very impressed as it installed quickly (for a old P4 2.4GHz) and no problems so far.

My comments:

- Interesting that SP3 includes all of SP2 (for those that still have WinXP SP1) but does not include upgrades like IE7 or WMP 11.

- It includes DX9c, would be cool if MS gave us DX10 for XP in the final version

- When I did Windows Update, it only needed 2 updates (instead of 80+ updates for a fresh install of SP2) which were the May and Dec Malicious Code Removal packs

- There are reports of XP being speedier after SP3, and although I can't notice anything going faster, it sure isn't slower.

All in all, SP3 speeds up a fresh XP installation, but since it's not the final version, I'd suggest only doing it on computers that aren't your primary system, or non mission-critical.

Anyone else here give it a whirl?

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