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Groundstry almost ready !


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Hi all and sry about this delay.

This link provide 2 maps.

1-map : Urban_conflict final version. With last fixes on lightmaps and spawn problems. This is a final update on UC map.

2-map: Groundstry new revised version.

Fixed lightmap issues on roof and spawn problems on RvsA.

Groundstry is a TDM, Siege, HH and RvsA map based on training grounds landscape. This map is almost 2 times bigger than UC.

Thx to everybody for help me to test this new map.

I hope u guys enjoy this new map and feel free to host it on ur server. :hehe:


PD This map is on rotation on Elite BDA server.

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If the patch is out soon with auto download the the tug servers will have people.The don't try the new maps

sorry didnt quite get that ?? :(

Anyways i doubt there will be an autodownloader but Brok could easily make it so at least when you download the file you can just click run and it will put it into the folder for you :)

We have 30 maps on our server at the moment, well not all maps but 30 diff types of gameplay :)

yup I'm doing another and I'm going to post info here soon.

Nice :)

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I guess Invisible is stating that most people seem to be unwilling to go hunting for mods that are running on the server.

Auto-download would fix this, but I`m also doubtful it will be present.


Nice work Fiero.

hey it wasnt like tat earlier there were bit missing thats why i said i didnt get it lol

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