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Congratz..... I can imagine its hard to build other games when your heart lies with tactical shooters. (or something equal)

Apparently you have no idea what kind of games Starbreeze has done... Chronicles of Riddick and Darkness are their biggest titles so far. ;)

Hehe, no, I'm quiete narrowminded when it comes to PC games....lol


the strangest game I play is CIVII and transport tycoon, but that's only when I want something else.

I seldomly play something like a sim (flightsimulator WOII/ silent service)

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...you know it's impossible to leave :thumbsup:

You don't say... :rolleyes:


Even banned members can't stay away and keep opening new accounts. And yes we know who you are. :ph34r:


How can you now who they are even if they are banned earlier from this forum?

Straying off topic here (sorry TNT), but it's simple really. There are a number of forum administration tools that can pick up on this, but more importantly there are 2 guys and one gal on staff who can smell a banned member at 100 paces . They generally stick out like a sore thumb, and it's then just a case of verifying it through site logs. We've even caught banned members who haven't even posted on a their new account - now that's clever. :ph34r:

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In januari I will start to work as an Associate Producer at Starbreeze here in Sweden. Ive had the chance to work with two great projects (Graw1 & GRAW2) but now its time for me to move on. I will still be visiting the community so you wont get rid of me that easy.


Mattias Wiking

I'm guessing here mate but, you're probably getting into business software?

added: nope another game developer. Best wishes mate. If I've stepped on your toes because of GRAW1 and 2, it was well deserved mate :rofl: (just kidding)

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