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Xbox Community Choice Awards


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As posted in the Ubi forums, I won't be voting because I am disappointed RSE can post links to ask us to vote for their games, but they can't give us regular updates on what is happening with patches or DLC for their games - whatever those reasons may be.

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I would give GRAW 2 best game and Rainbow Six Vegas best coop. COD 4 gets a lukewarm thumbs up. The rest of 2007 was a disappointment with terrible titles like Kane & Lynch, Lost Planet, SOF Payback and over hyped junk like Halo 3 and Bioshock. Squad shooters, tactical shooters and coop were missing in action.

I am more hopeful of 2008 with a new R6 Vegas and a new GRAW, for 4+ man coop, as well as Rogue Warrior and fingers crossed for [OFP: DR] and AA 2. Lots of potential for good coop here.

Some action titles with coop look hopeful like Conflict Denied Ops, Army of 2, and Mercenaries 2.

Some titles I will look at for single play are Brothers In Arms (why no online campaign coop?), Battlefield Bad Company and Grand Theft Auto 4 (really iffy since I played Vice City).

That's a possible 8 candidates for good coop, as opposed to 2 in 2007, so maybe more interest in online coop, that's all good from my perspective.

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