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Empire: Total War!


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So I am pretty stoked about the next iteration in the Total War series, but to be honest I am excited about every iteration, but the next one is Empire: Total War. And the big addition is....naval combat...

After years of countless requests from fans, Sega and Creative Assembly are set to finally deliver a Total War strategy game with guns. Sort of. The two companies revealed Empire: Total War, the fifth game in the popular Total War strategy series, and the biggest leap in the series to date. First of all, the game will introduce real-time naval battles, which is something that's long been missing in the series. Next, it will introduce a ton of new technology. Third, it will be set during the Age of Sail, so it will introduce rifles and firearms.

Good to see they are keeping with a every other game is a huge leap forward approach, now I just wonder if every other game in the series will be Medieval or not, so far that is how it looks there is a "hugely different game" (Shogun, Rome, Empire) then a Medieval game just refining what was established in those games (Medieval and Medieval II)...so I wonder if the next one will be the same. But that is probably thinking WAY to far ahead considering this one isn't even out yet.

Sounds like somebody (me) is going to need a computer upgrade to play this thing on max, or at least I figure I will, le sigh, totally worth it though.

What does everyone else think of this game?

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