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HH Tourney Finals Results - The Players Tourney


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Once a match has been completed and a winner declared. The losing team is to post the following information:

Italics are example only

FINALS actions starts Dec 14th and must completed be reported by Dec 18th @ Midnight.

Date of Match: Dec 1, 2007

Team 1 Name: Grin Recon

Team 2 Name: Run South East

Final Score: 3/1

Winning Team: Grin Recon

Server Played On: Server 1

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Yeah it was very close and at times back and forth. Calavera is a very hard map for hh as it is fully surrounded buy places you can hit the zone with and the zone has little protection.

We had to flip flop our strategy more the a few times. In the end i think both teams realized it was best to get a few protecting the zone from the surrounding area, drop 1 to 2 guys in it, and send 1 or 2 to the spawn to slow the enemy down.

Strangley enough because of all the action, snipers were not a very good option, although KC got a few when sniping.

GL's and hand nades rocked the area and we found it best to create confusion by laying smoke nades around the smoke area of the zone but not close to the building where you could be naded or GL'd, but instead on the just inside of the hh zone. These would give us some cover and as it faded you could get a few kills of the enemy running toward the hh smoke before they realized you weren't a dead body laying in the smoke nade.

AOD put up a great fight as usual and definately gave us a run for the money. Great match AOD!

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