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AFZ vs AOD FINALS Match Communication


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Welcome to your official match communication thread for The FINAL Round HH Tourney

Please use this thread to confirm your Finals match time with your opponent.

I recommend in your first post, you write down your schedule of availability and any communication methods you wish to be contacted by. Please note, this thread will be used as the official communications thread and all communications should be placed here. It will be used should any disputes arise. Please also note that we have some European teams in the TDM tournament and although, this is primarily a North American tourney, we should try to accommodate and vice versa. So please check this thread often.

*Your match can commence Dec 14th at 6:00 p.m. and must be completed and reported no later then Dec 18th at Midnight EST.


*Once your match time has been decided upon and you have verified there is a server available for that time, please do not forget to P.M. SCE_Irish Stout to reserve your time.

*Also remember the loser of the match must report the loss here:


Good luck to you and your team and have fun.

If you team name does appear in the title of the thread then you are in the wrong thread and therefore, please do not reply here

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