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Recon Force Skins


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WOW! this game just shot itself at the top of my Christmas list thanks to your model.

I have rule when purchasing a game, if it can't be modded like GR, it's not worth initial full price---maybe $20-something, I'm cheap that way.

If it can be modded---like you did, then I'll pay around it's initial release price.

IW owes you one PenguinGeneral :thumbsup:

Awesome job

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Cpl Ledanek, this is just a skin, not a model. if you want to see how much the game can be modded id wait for the modding tools to come out, whenever that will be.... <_<

its still a great game though!


Is applying your skin as easy as GR? I see the other thread with you other Modders taking about Maya-this-and-that...I'm a lowly gamer who just mooch from talented ppl here. :lol:

Do I have to recruit my neighbor's 6 y/o kid to do this for me? He does networking and my email attachments. :D

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