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U3 app to play dvd movies

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so far so good, it installed fine on my USB drive. I think I might just move my favorite movies into a external HD (USB) and bring it to work. I'll see if the slimpc will pick up the external HD and then use VLCportbl to play the files...skipping the DVD-ROM altogether. :thumbsup:

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VLC portable works on the DVD drive....now the problem:

I ripped a few movies :whistle: in a SATA drive that I haven't used since last year.

So I ripped the movies into the SATA HD via SATA connection.

But when I installed the SATA to my Antec MX-100 USB enclosure, as an external HD, the PC recognizes it as a USB Mass storage...but does not show in My Computer as a drive.

Which means I cannot access my movies from this external HD.

Am I missing a step here?

Thanks in advance

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Dunno if this will help but try going into the control panel, then computer management, then disk management, and see if it shows up there. Maybe it just hasn't been assigned a drive letter? Dunno...

I assigned the HD when it was attached via SATA cables on my desktop...but when I placed it inside the USB enclosure, it would only be read as a USB SATA bridge storage. :( ...

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I went to Disk Management and the disk is read as:

"Dynamic" and "Foreign"....my option is to "Convert to Basic Disk", which will reformat my drive and lose data... :angry: ...and I'm at work for 16hrs...me, laptop, and my external enclosure/SATA drive in it. :wall:

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