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Hey ruin, that chieftec you showd is the case that I have, a good choice IMO. The most useful features being the ease at which you can remove the HD and floppy racks, the front USB/firewire ports, and the way you can slide your cd drives strait out the front.

Heres a pic of mine.


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For the extra penny, I'll go with the Panasonic Panaflo 92mm fan. 56.8 CFM and 35dB.
Very nice, I didnt know Panaflo made 'em like that. That is just barely above the sound level of the Antec LED fans so you wont notice it much.

@EP, very nice rig. The silver looks nice ;)

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Sweet stuffy Paddy! :)

I like the nuclear symbol on the front. I'd like to look for a Biohazard one... there's a store nearby that might have one

I like the silver too... :P:hehe:

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Don't buy those premade graphics :P Go to your local walmart and buy a can of paste in the craft department that etches glass/plastic. Then pick up one of the stencil blanks and sprat adhesive while you're there. After that, you print your favorite design off the net, trace to stencil, cut out with exacto knife, spray its back with adhesive, press to glass, put on past, wait, wash paste off and remove stencil.

Ok, hope you can follow those instructions :D

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You have a point Rook... which is why I intend on whipping out the paint can on the enw case! :)

I like the light Paddy has in his, I was looking at one of those. I thought it'd be sweet to have one up near the powersupply beaming down.

If I ever got the chance, I'd make my own graphic to put on the side. Like the R that used to be my avatar.

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