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looking for a tutorial


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hey all.

been looking for a tute that i used to have on creating alpha channels for weapons. need it to make some ghillie covers, but cant remember how to do it. i think mit was called 'creating custom alpha channels' or something. anyone know where i can find it? thanks.

nat :(

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Can't help you on the link, but here's how it's done:

Load your image in Photoshop.

Make sure the "Layers" toolbar is open. If not hit the "F7" key to open it.

Within the "layers" toolbar select the "Channel" tab.

Find the "create a new channel" button (it looks like a piece of paper with it's left bottom corner folded) and click it.

You're alpha-channel will be created and it's called "Alpha 1".

Now start painting white, black and greys on that channel.

White will represent parts of the image that are transparent, blacks will be opaque.

Greytones in between will gradient between transparant and opaque.

Example: RGB128,128,128 will be 50% opaque, 50% transparant.


Good luck

BTW: you still have to export it as an .rsb with the plugin ofcourse.

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argh, sorry deleyt, not had chance to reply to anything eh? i do really appreciate the help, just been going mad at trying to fix a weapon cover idea i had for migryder.

in fact, ill tell you guy's what it is, then maybe you would have some ideas?

ok, it's a standard type of ghillie wrap using alpha channels, but then there is another alpha layer over the top in the form of a net. now... it worked fine on one wep, but when i tried to add it to another, it make half of the gun see through!!!!! this makes no sense to me....seeing as it worked on my a.i awsm. (does that make sense?)

so... you have the barrel and scope visible underneath a layer of moss type covering, then both the moss and gun parts visible through the camo net placed over the top. it's worked once.......

it's driving me mad. i dont want an imvisible m82 and m99!!!

sorry again for lack of reply, you know how it is.



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