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.NET Framework 1.1 service pack 1 prob.


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I've got a minor problem and was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to remove this.

The above mentioned service pack update came from microsoft via automatic update yesterday afternoon.

When prompted I installed it with no problem. Unfortunately, the little updates reminder stays in my toolbar.

When I click it, it again asks if I want to install this update. re-install just gives me the message "some applications could not be installed" Nothing gets rid of it, not cancelling, not reinstalling, not restarting comp.

It hasnt effected my machine other than just being in the toolbar, but I'm concerned about what has happend to the update, and how it will effect future updates if I can't get rid of this.

Any Ideas?


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Does it still appear in the "custom" list of available updates on the Microsoft page? How is it reported in the history?

Have you tried to roll back to a previous restore point to check if any registries were added/altered or if the icon still appears?

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And after Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 there came 3.0, which was followed in turn by 3.5 (SPs' for 2.0 & 3.0).

Time flies.


You can choose to hide a "problematic" update in the options section on the page and then follow GreyHaireds' lead.

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