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Hammer's Vehicle Pack 01


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:rocky: Hammer's Vehicle Pack 01

Just got to get the .zip to Rocky for upload :thumbsup:

Pack includes

Landrover Ambulance


Scorpion Light Tank


Casspir APC


Landrover "Snatch" Vehicle


Toyota Mini Van


And the Peterbilt Big Rig


There will be another pack to follow but some of the vehicles are not ready to fly yet :whistle::thumbsup:

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awesome hammer.

Waiting for linkage..

there will be a mission for all these i assume?.


I have sent the file to Rocky :thumbsup:

"Will there be a mission" No, i afraid im not much of a scripter, these are released for other people to use in there mods :yes: I know the Ambulance has already been used in the " Powder Burn" mod and i have had pm's asking me about some of the others, thats why they have been released as a pack.

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Been a while since i was in here :o Just been busy finishing off a few other things


Some additions to the vehical pack that will be added after christmas :thumbsup:

Uni-mog seats nine and has working head lights for night mission thanks to Tinker :thumbsup:


Battered Toyota 4x4 pick up seats 8


And a roofles landrover seats 9


All appearing in a mod near you soon

then i will add them to the rest of my vehicals ( most of them have now had an overhaul ) and releas it

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  • 2 weeks later...

.vcl files go into the main actor folder.

.pob files into the model folder

.rsb files can go anywhere, usually in the textures folder. (I tend to create a vehicles folder in the textures folder to keep it organised.)

Thanks Tinker! I have BajaBravo's actor pack and I've been wondering where I should have put it.

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