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Ghost Recon vs. GRAW2

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Ghost Recon game play:


GRAW2 game play:

Ghost Recon is good but GRAW2 is better.

Ghost Recon multiplayer: ????


GRAW2 multiplayer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxD9_2IOf3w

Did you play Gr in its glory days, if you did you would know that there is no contest really, i have posted i like both but lest say the graphics to Gr was like Graw which would be better then, Gr all day.

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There are very many individual features in the GRAW games that blow [GR] out the water, the sound especially (although buggy and intermittent on my pc) is amazing in GRAWs.

However, when all the different element are counted, games are more than the sum of their parts. To me, GRAW is just another game. It joins the list of games in my memory that tabulates all the good games i've played in my life.

[GR] on the other hand is something very special. When playing clan games for example I would sometiems have to cover an area of the map that didn't even get much action for a while yet i'd feel good just to be in the environment. Add to that the incredible tension of the matches and it's no contest. In [GR] I never thought that i could run around and just throw down at oponents because i valued every life so much that I took extreme care to preserve it and I also got great satisfaction from every kill. I've never experienced those emotions when playing GRAW.

[GR] maps were created to be a place. They also happened to be a good place for two teams to fight each other. GRAW maps suffer from modern map design. Everything about the game and maps are calculated too much. As with movies, when you calculate too much the magic tends to be lost.

For me, the fact that they went for the pretty slides over gimping is very telling.

The GR francise is dead as far as [GR] lovers are concerned. We are looking for the spirit of it to settle in some other game.

Oh and, even the most perfect game in the world needs to be re done after half a decade. Even though [GR] is better than GRAW, we can't keep playing the same game forever.

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GR gave me more back then , it was The thing.

But GRAW2 is a much better game in almost every aspect (some features are better in GR as weapon sway). But GRAW1/2 wasn't the same fix, you don't get amazed by simply being able to play a FPS online anymore for example, there are so many other games out, etc.

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