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I'm not sure if UBI supports MP other than the TvT stuff any more.

If it's true Co-op your looking for there are a few servers still out there playing it. The Way It's Ment To Be Played.

Like Alpha Squads public server which is always running and open to the public thanks to the guys at TEK and a few other donators who are keeping the game alive.

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GR includes in-game direct connection functionality, so online play between people that can communicate a server IP address is not held hostage to some service provided by UBI or any other 3rd party (e.g. gamespy). Furthermore there are 3rd party "game browsers" that support GR. Specifically, both All Seeing Eye and Xfire provide lists of servers. So other than people having issues with firewalls, there really is no reason to need Hamachi to play GR.

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