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Ever Get Unwanted Catalogues In The Post?

Dick Splash

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I heard about this website on NPR tonight and it's a really good idea. If you ever get unwanted catalogues posted to your house, like LL Bean, Pottery Barn or The Sharper Image, by going to this website you can stop them being sent to you. Even if they're for the previous occupant/owner. It's dead easy to do and you're preventing wasted paper, fossil fuel and of course, you're saving a tree or two in the process. This only applies to the US I think.



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I hate getting all those cataloges too, but what most people do not know is that trees are grown specifically for making paper (excecpt US currency which uses cotton).

Pine trees are grown for approximately 20 years before being harvested. Once sent to the paper mill, they are debarked and chipped up. The bark gets burned in a power boiler (no waste there) and there is even chips brought in from other sources like saw mills that make lumber (again, trees are grown specifically for lumber too though some is cut from virgin forests).

During the process of breaking down the chips to pulp, stuff is created called black liquor. That stuff is sent to a recovery boiler and burned. The leftover liquid from that is called green liquor. That is captured in large tanks and eventually mixed with caustic and lime to create white liquor. That along with steam and wood chips are all put into a digester (a really big pressure cooker) and the process of making pulp starts all over. Even lime is reused. It is seperated out and sent through lime kilns that run at 1400 degrees or so to dry out so it can be added to green liquor again and again.

There is a bit more to making paper, but that is the down and dirty explanation of it. Some plants start with paper that has been turned in for recycling and make pulp that way to make paper for other uses such as corrugated boxes and are made from 100% recycled paper.

Trees are replanted on the tree farms to start the process all over. Now some trees do come from other sources other than tree farms and it is usually from areas being developed.

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Well to tell you the truth, we always have a big stack of newspapers and unwanted catalogues to put out when it's trash and recycling night so we don't just throw em away. I was just joking about throwing em away and getting yelled at.

My post wasn't directed at you specifically, but to everyone.

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Luckely the modern unwanted catalogs come by e-mail.....

Nah but in Holland there's a sticker which you can attatch to your mailbox that tells paperboys what not to stick in, you can avois all non-adressed mail, or only folders the other thing are the house to house free local papers

Adressed catalogs I always return to sender if unwanted. They'll soon enough stop sending them if their inbox gets floodded by returned catalogs.

Oh and about 80% of our paper over here is recycled, that's something the US can only dream of.....

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