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Are you interested in GR:AW3?

Are you interested in GR:AW3  

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I don't know how they count those copies cause i have 3 original GRAW games and only bought 1. The other 2 came with mobo and gc (asus) so i don't know if they include those :D, could be like microsoft & vista.

Anyways i always say this: you can not compare 5-6 years ago with today. Today in most of the houses there is a PC (many have more than 1), five years ago the things were quite different. It's the same with cars, 20 years ago, at least here in Spain, there was only 1 car per family, now it's normal to have 2 or more.

I voted no cause i only bought GRAW, i tried to play it but i/we couldn't. I only play coop (nor SP nor TvT) and they ruined it as i see it. First it took lot of time(weeks/months) to be able to play any mission without crashes or any problem. We waited for patches to keep coop alive but they failed, i guess i even didn't play any custom coop maps, mainly cause i don't like to play FF but missions. So as many coop players i/we stopped playing GRAW.

When they released GRAW2 i didn't buy it, as i said, nor planned to do it. I keep checking this site to read about the GR series and cause i like to read other things posted here, many have left, some stay here cause they like it and cause they hope they are heard and UBI finally release a deserved great next GR (not AW) PC title.

GRAW and GRAW2 could have been a great success for UBI but for PC GR players (at least coopers) they ruined the series, and too me they should be considered 2 different games/series.

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Wasn't there 7 patches for GRAW1?

There were. And in the end, it was nearly as big a bug as it was at release. Nasty. And worse yet, it was just dropped without a real fix for a lot of the considerable issues that were raised, even in BETA testing of the final (v1.35) patch. Added a whole new gametype, but only 3 maps to play it on. LEFT US HANGING.

I'd almost rather it never got patched. For the gmae in question, GRAW2, I haven't even bothered yet wondering what patches (if any) have yet been released. I don't care. Haven't even spent the time yet to uninstall it, for such lack of interest. GRAW3? How about fixing GRAW first...

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I want authenticity. AW gear is fine, but it has to actually work: GRAW was standard FPS features with AW window dressing.

AW gear is not fine with me. I have absolutely no interest in what "future warriors" will be using, all of my interest lies in what our special forces use right now. That's what started me playing GR, that's the only thing that will keep me playing GR.

For one thing, the narcom and crosscom seems to inherantly turn the game into some large scale epic conflict, and the basic foundation of the entire GR concept is small unit covert missions.

Fair enough :)

Near future or present day is a matter of personal taste. I don't mind the near future scenario but present day would do fine as far as I'm concerned.

However, to me Advanced Warfighter features that actually works would mean, among others, no NARCOM and no diamonds. The CROSS-COM helmet display would almost exclusively be used for map (both navigation and squad command) and recieving live-feed from external cameras. You'd also get a few new gadgets to play with (small land robots and more controllable UAVs). All of this would require a considerable redesign of the whole game though, notably an open-ended non-linear mission design.

Thing is though, a game that goofs on the Advanced Warfighter gear is also extremely likely to goof on present day tech.


krise madsen

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I don't know why but, if a product goes through updates, car computer software or what have you, MOST companies tell you of their work on updates or patches.

But why, oh why, we as customers are kept in the dark and fed a bunch of S%^t?

anyway, we'll see... :rolleyes:

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Incidentally, what were the sales for GRAW 1 and 2 on the PC? What were the sales of the [Ghost Recon] game on the PC?

I think I herd 800000 for GRAW1 PC just before the summer. But don't quote me on that because I don't remember for sure.

Haven't seen or herd anything about the GRAW2 sales yet.

We just where told the final number from UBI to Grin for GRAW1 PC was 820000 units sold. And currently GRAW2 PC is at about 600000 units sold.

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We just where told the final number from UBI to Grin for GRAW1 PC was 820000 units sold. And currently GRAW2 PC is at about 600000 units sold.

That's $30 million if people paid retail prices. It's not chump change. And still no patch. Thanks UBI, I'll be using the try before I buy program in the future.

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I swear if they came out with a Mario Brothers Urban Combat, there would be discusions like "the multiplayer is so much fun in MBUC, the next GR should have those types of features like heat seeking bullets, spider web grenades, and invisibility power ups. :shifty:

Oh man that sounds cool.They should make that game. :D I would buy a WII just to play it. :P

Graw 2 is still the best.Need some maps ,mod tools that work and some server fixs like auto downloads,Baning ect..

Everyone needs to stop sweating the small stuff.

Lets get the BIG stuff first.

Not everyone is going to be happy no matter what they come up with.I started with [GR].The first map was castle.It got popular because we talked our buddies into playing it and they came out with content.Bf2 did the same formula,its suck/sesfull.LOL.Cod 4 is just total mayhem.Its to much of a workout to play that game.

Graw is still tops.You guys who dont like it,dont wait around for them to fix it.It aint going to please ya anyway.Go play your other arcade games.

Ubi to me just dont fall into that expansion pack theme.Does anyone know of a Ubi game thats had a expansion??So,odds are we will get a patch and they have someone working on GRAW3.

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Maybe I am interested in a suite but not every years and not by GRIN,GRAW2 came to close from GRAW and they are unfinished products."Work speak by itself" GRIN you didn't get the job done right.You made your reputation as a non-professionnel organisation who deliver cheap labour.I mean UBISOFT careless about PC gamers but they are wrong and blind.

We don't want to play a game that crash all the time...you have 2 chances and you think the communauty will give you a 3rd chance...c'mon give me a team and I will deliver better myself!

UBISOFT you failed with PC version including all GR.You should turn with a team who has experience in PC gaming like those who made COD4... :banned:

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To be frank I dont think we will get a dedicated pc version again, Graw was it.

The console side is far too strong, in reality we really dont count as gamers any more, this I now believe is the real truth.

We are simply out numbered.

The game that we once loved and still do to some extent is gone and we need to move on to another Developer.

I really dont want to waite round for a console ported game because I think thats what we will end up with next.

A lot of you here know this to be true and has been on the cards for a couple of years.

I have come to believe that you cannot fight against the profit orientated mindset of Ubisoft.

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"We just where told the final number from UBI to Grin for GRAW1 PC was 820000 units sold. And currently GRAW2 PC is at about 600000 units sold."

The GRAW series for the PC is clearly making UBISOFT plenty of money. I think it is a certainty that GRAW3 for the PC is going to be made. :)

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