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natsanwa model pack 2


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hey guy's. lots more to come. heres a few pics. :thumbsup:







loads more. just lazy with image uploads!!! let me know if you guy's want 'em?


nat :thumbsup:

oh yeah...dont worry about thing's looking the wrong way around. same deal as before, export fixes it. also, some scope changes to stuff too. hope you like 'em.


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thanks guys! not been working on them too long actually. been busy trying to fix my comp! it's up and running now, so im gonna be churning out a little more, then make everything i have available to download. ill post a list and some more (better) screens asap.

thanks again.

nat :thumbsup:

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Great new pics nat. Heard you're looking for SR-25 pics. Got some I can send to mig to get to you, don't know if they're good enough for textures though.

Hope you get the new weapons out soon. :)

hey mate. thanks! sr25 pics would be good, i just cant seem to find what im looking for.

thanks for the help :thumbsup:


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:thumbsup: you guy's are too nice!! heres a few more, as i've not had much chance to mod lately, they are a little old....






just trying to find a few more thing's for the pack, then it will be good to go. dont suppose anyone knows where i can lay my hands on decent pics of...



b&t apr .308 NEED THIS BADLY!!!!

hope you like 'em.


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hey fox,

no probs, it's m4's right? im cooking up something new asap. ill pm you when they are ready. cool?

for now, heres some model pics awaiting texture. some are almost done, the sd apr is being textured by eeskwaad and i cant wait to see it!! woo-hoo. the others are by me and will be waaay less exciting....




thanks all for the nice comments. im really trying to bring something alot better than the last model pack for ya. feel free to add requests. if i can find decent pics, ill make 'em.

off to poland for a few days now, so will be back on it asap.



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