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I preordered Die Hard: Die Harder from Columbiahouse DVD and just got it today. Included for free on the second disk is a digital copy of the movie that can be tranferred to PC and a portable device. There are 2 things to supposedly prevent piracy, you hace to have a key and it has Window's PlaysForSure DRM. While I normally would rant about DRM, this case may alow for us to watch movies how we want. Still. I think I would not mind paying a bit more for a DVD if it included a copy of the movie in a portable digital format.

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Good Job for them, I wish more companies did this, I would love to have a digital copies of all my DVDs (plan on doing it at some point, regardless of the legality), companies just need to learn that those who are going to pirate are going to pirate, and rewarding those who buy the DVD with a digital copy is just a little bonus.

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any possibilities of spyware/rootkit?...remember Sony...its just that its a coincidence that for many months and possibly a year; I've been watching movies/tv show (The Office) on my laptop at work without any problem being caught by AVG (free ed) , and when I did watch the 2nd DVD, to hear the back stories of the movie, the next day AVG caught something---which I didn't bother researching what it was :wall:

2nd & 3rd scan it wasn't there anymore.

I agree that its nice for the industry to reward owners of legit copies.

Personally, I'd like to copy some movies/tv shows on my hd so I have something to watch at work. But I'd like to reduce the file size so I can have more than 1 movie or more episodes (tv show).

Kick ass movie btw :thumbsup:

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