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The old White's Nightmare ?!

Damn...colour me in. Been itching for some old school GR lately as I have forsaken all consoles.

No holiday up North here...but Friday and Saturday I am good.

Can I apologize for the TKs beforehand ?!


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I am on the east coast of the US (you should know that by now squad_e ;) ). I have hosted the last 2 weekends and intend to keep hosting every weekend unless something comes up (like work).

This weekends game will be on Saturday for sure and possibly Friday (I have been asked if I would work, but I need permission from the boss man before I can work the extra hours so I don't know just yet, it's hell being a contractor sometimes).

Chaosm, I always post the IP to my server and when it is up in a seperate thread with the date (see the previous threads under this one). I always list what mods, if any, are needed. It would be a safe bet to grab Frostbite for sure.

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With a long weekend coming up, I look to be hosting for sure at least 2 of those nights. Frostbite is a must to join. Post here if you are interested in playing.

Hello, I would like to join, I've just redownloaded Frostbite recently. A great mod, any chance you will host with Mission HX? I'm not real big on the scripted mission memroizing. ;)



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I'm not sure about HX5 at this point. Heck, we are still trying to beat the Frostbite missions.

Hello, I didn't mean HX5, have you played Mission HX? It's a gametype that generates random missions for GR maps..new every time, every map!

Random includes: mission objectives, objective locations, enemy concentrations, insertion points (100m clear of tangos)

The enemy fireteams are much smarter than firefight, they will flank you, use nades more and provide cover fire..

All of which creates an amount of replayabiltiy combined with tactical challenge, unmatched by any other gametypes in GR.

I believe it's better coop in the open-endedness, no one has ideas of what should be done first, so ppl decide where to go & move together toward objective completion. GR at it's best is when using random missions on all of the great variety of maps, skins and weapons mods IMO.

It brings back the same sense of immersion and intensity that I had when I first started playing GR. Only now it's with all of my skills on much higher levels of gameplay....it seems the best that GR ever offered for gameplay has come around at the decline of the game. It took the work of harntrox and his many years of scripting to discover, test and combine all of the best random variables into a gametype takes GR back to it's roots.

You can really hone your tactics as they are all you've got to use in the missions, there is simply no reliance upon memory, it can be very intense action.

Mission HX is just 2 MB at GR.net and at www.dragmods.org It's easily the best Coop mod I've played in GR. :thumbsup:

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