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2 Birds with one stone.


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For the last couple of Ghost Recon games there seems to be a mission statement that has been slowly changing the series for what i believe the worst. That mission statement is to provide a game that wont seem too daunting to new comers to the series. The belief that the original games were too hard and they scared off inexperienced players. To a degree this was true. If you were new to the series then more often than not you would get pounded by experienced players on the likes of [GR], GRIT and to a slightly lesser extent GR2 and GRSS.

GRAW and GRAW 2 made very noticable changes to the gameplay that i believe were aimed to lower the gap between experienced players and new comers. Things like only 2 spawns, modifiers, left trigger, OTS, linear easy to learn maps, increased accuracy. And truth be told it worked. The gap has shrunk dramatically. So mission accomplished, but at what price?

Now the gameplay has been changed in essence from a realistic tactical shooter to an action shooter with some tactical elements. This has left many long term Ghost Recon fans feeling betrayed that they have been overlooked in favour of newcomers to the series. To combat this RSE included as many options as they could so as to give the impression that a tactical game could still be made using these options. But sadly this isnt true. With core gameplay mechanics completely wrong for a tactical shooter and map design that while graphically impressive, lacks the gameplay variety and openess of classic maps.

So can these 2 differing camps be accommodated?

In my opinion YES!

First you can make a experience points system ( not a ranking system ) that increases the games difficulty as you progress. This has to be done using a combination method. When you increase your experience points you unlocked weapons, equipement, camos etc but you also lose gaming assists. For example you start with auto aim, radar, increased accuracy, infinite sprint etc and as you reach higher experience points you lose these assists one by one until you finally reach the point were the game becomes hyper realistic . This way new players are gently brought into the game.

Another method using this experience system is to limit the number of maps. So more maps are unlocked as you progress so that players get use to the maps in a steadily progressive way. Or you could increase the size of the maps as they progress. This basically depends on the map system of the next game.

Another method that would be appreciated by newcomers and veterans alike is a Ghost Recon News Bulletin. This would involve x amount of matches involving the highest ranked players recorded each day and made available via ingame download in the form of a war news report. This would provide valuable tips to new players and would give that all important ego boost to veterans players.

Aside from the experience system and news bulletin i think highly customisable player rooms with extensive search options. Customise things like movement, damage model, accuracy, views, map size, equipement size restrictions. Things that can be changed to convert the game between [GR] like realism and GRAW 2 fast paced shooting and everything inbetween. Give us options that matter.

Long post but i think its an idea worth looking at.

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Another method using this experience system is to limit the number of maps. So more maps are unlocked as you progress so that players get use to the maps in a steadily progressive way. Or you could increase the size of the maps as they progress. This basically depends on the map system of the next game.

While I like a lot of your ideas, I wanted to comment on this one. Maps, to me, are a tricky thing. Too few maps leave all players complaining and growing quickly bored upon release. Too many maps... isn't that an oxymoron? I don't know that they could release a game with too many maps... but I get your point about maps being acquired as the player improves.

Here's the problem with that though... say they release GRAW III, as an example... and it releases with 8 maps but there are an additional 20 maps available as you improve and win certain tasks, etc... Now, I'm sure there are many gamers like me who play with a select group of players that they enjoy playing with and all like playing the same way, be it tactical, fast-paced, whatever... Will all those players still be able to play together? Maybe... but maybe not.

In my group of players we have two guys who are ######' awesome at the game, but only have set amounts of time to play right now. We have to maximize our time together on-line. I would hate to see them left behind and locked out of our games, not because they aren't good enough, but because their time is limited. That scenario would upset all within our group.

Personally, I hope there isn't a GRAW III... I would like to see a return to classic GR or even [GR] meets GR II. But I would hope that they don't limit the maps. GR II had a plethora of maps. In on-line play the majority of gamers favoured a few maps... like the Quarry... but all those maps were available to those of us who preferred more. The down loadable content only added to that.

One final thing... I agree with you 100 % about how the game has changed and not especially for the better. That said, my group have found ways to play this game... ie; tactical, and we are looking very forward to the new down load content. But, as GRAW and GRAW II were made more for the casual gamer, and by all reports the game has sold well, thus making UBI lots of $$$, why not make a GR game for the hard core gamers. Those who don't care for the over the shoulder, fast-paced, shoot-em-up style so many younger gamers love.

Give us a return to a classic era and spare no cost. It may not sell as well, but then again... once word gets out about it, it may out sell both GRAW's together.

More questions to ponder...

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The map idea is restricted to ranked rooms. Player rooms would have all maps unlocked and playable. The map idea would be better if they implemented an idea i had to have several very large maps that could be cut into sections of any size or left as they are. But at first only small-medium sized sections would be playable in ranked rooms ( selected at random by the game ). And if a lower player joins as a party then the room they join is dictated by the highest ranked player in the room.

Gun unlocking would be quick, but attachments for these guns would take a little longer to unlock. But overall id suggest 30 hours of play should on average unlock 80% of the items. The other 20% should take 70+ hours.

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