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What we would like to see in a new patch.

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Just a list.. no flaming please and keep it reasonable for a patch.

1) Add the dam and the other unfinished map, added to the patch to make them whole and stock for all modes. This should be pretty easy since they were almost done. That would be 2 free maps that are stock for matching.

2) Fix auto screenshot bug with odd characters

3) Fix Pink diamond issues in TDM if you do a /restart_match

4) Ability to save your script and load scripts

5) Fix gamespy issue with not being able to tell who is on the server

6) allow our MOTD to show on load screen

7) re-add auto download of modded maps

8) Fix cannot select single shot or burst when Stuck on full auto bug happens.

9) improvements to net code

10) M99 slower to shoulder and off set shot from the hip

11) introduce 1 new weapon

12) add domination gametype like GRAW1 had

13) add xfire / direct ip support

14) get ubi to sponsor a tournament (that may bring back some clans)

15) possibly get ubi to allow RSE 3max to be released so we are at least at the content of the xbox.. even if modders have to do it.

16) Very important one here... Fix Tree leaves so they can be shot or naded through. Also the dock area in crash site

17) fix a various map glitchs and tweak

A few of these were being worked on a few months ago last i knew.

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Don't forget the coop guys: squads, issue commands, etc....

Name the most important ones. I haven't played the co-op but i imagine the auto download of maps would be helpful.
I'm not a coop player. I just think it'd be a shame if they were left out.

I do play coop and like most of you know I make coop maps only so here's a few important things ther's to fix in coop mp,campaign and of course the unstable GRAW2 editor.

1.The AI are to easy to kill a solution can be like tweak down the impact of the RX4 and the M416,turn off the 1 headshot fatality for the AI same as GRAW1 or give the AI more endurance to bullets.They also need improvements in there time reaction.The game seems tuffer on easy level than on hardcore and I'm not the only one who said it.Make it real hardcore like they are in GRAW1.

2.Server client are unstable the client(joiner) are disconnect between rounds,some dedi server cannot load some maps cause of the amount of time that they took to load.

3.In campaign server online client cannot join while server has started the game.It should be like GRAW1 where player can join between round.Same here client is most of the time disconected when loading next map.

3.There's a bug in the editor with the 'mk19' mounted auto GL launcher.It will crashed the client but not the server.I hope you fixed this one.

4.The unstabality of the editor is eating my patience and when I switch to GRAw which is a charm to work with I can see the differences.You know what I am refering to the famous 'violation access crash' it happen very offen when you choose AI patrols and snipers or you switch to 'Location' to 'AI graph' .I wish it has an interface like GRAW1.

5.Same bug in coop with the fire rate cannot switch to single shot random bug.

6.When creating a custom campaign map the team AI won't execute orders there' is no white circles who are suppose to appear on map.

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I agree with OP.

#18) Making support useful in anyway. Best would be blurring of view when you are near missed by LMG, as in Red Orchestra. But increased rate of fire and improved sights would be the second best.

#19) A batch of "new" maps for MP. The single player maps, the X-box, maps, the [GR] maps, or a Donkey Kong level.

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Seeing as though Roco has the MP wants/wishes well covered, I thought I might as well chime in with some SP related omissions that would be nice to see finally addressed in this forthcoming (?) patch (for :AW2).

1: An attempt, even if just a small one, at simulated ballistics.

2: Another attempt, half-hearted as it must be, considering that this is just a patch, at introducing freedom of maneuver/tactical choice into the game, you know, to go along with the theme (of GR).

3: Binos...and all that these would entail.

4: A couple of doors...with swing points.

Is that unreasonable? (Rhetorical)

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I know this is a big one but imagine this 40 + maps for all modes just like our friends the xbox crowd, most who have left would come back, Including TuG.

All the mentioned bugs added in the first post do not affect me at all the gameplay was great, the only i would need would be the after game chat, and the maps did i mention the maps.


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My main problem with this game is fact that weapons use several shots to penetrate armour, while the m99 can kill even with a shot in the arm. This seems to be fine in with several repsawns (because u can go back and get the camper or holding player) but not on zero respawns servers. It benefits the m99 way too much.

They either have to reduce the body armour or reduce the effectivness of m99. Or even remove it completely.

I think all classes should take time to master and perfect but its way to easy to use the m99 and get alot of kills.

Plus it would be nice to make the support weapons more effective and see them used more often.

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The M99 is a great weapon...don't use it much, but like to every once in a while (I use Demo & assault 95% of the time, and the M14 mostly when sniping). The problem......is the lack of wound model...again. No rifle should be an instant kill if you are hit in the limbs....unless your hit in a major artery....but that would be too complicated unless you have a gradual death model like AA, or simply a wound, limp(leg), hard time aiming(arms) model.

Any other scenario where you would be hit in the torso (regardless of body armor) or head with an M99 would result in instant death. You can count on it...with a .50 cal bullet that can pierce body armor, tree trunks and most natural objects. Plus it would leave such a devastating hole there would be no option but insta-death. If this weapon were to have a slower shoulder time, sway(no person is that stable) and harder hip shot, it would be a bit more accurate. Remember it does have a single shot, so if the shooter is to miss, he leaves himself exposed (that's why the shoulder time needs to be increased)...currently it is not that big of a disadvantage when they miss, but that is what gl's, smoke & frags are for.

Brok...what gun is that guy carrying in your Sig? :o^_^w00t

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Try one of the other sniper rifles, they take a bit of time to come from crosshair to zoom. The M99 IRL is twice as heavy as the other two sniper rifles and comes to zoom as fast as the assault rifles. That's what the biggest complaint is. That and the crosshair in the sniper rifle should be disabled.

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One easy way to fix the auto fire bug would be to change it so any weapon that has autofire would be configured so that the default is single shot. You see, the bug isn't that it's autofire, but that the default mode can't be changed.

I've been playing with Brettzies awesome mod and take the M-16 all the time. You can select full auto if desired, but the default is single shot. And thus the bug never occurs. Nor does it seem to get stuck in single shot, though I so rarely switch to full auto that I am not sure about that.

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Grin needs to push Ubisoft to fully support this game. The great and powerful COD4 has been released and a surprising number of players have tried it and come back to GRAW2 for the strategic play.

Ubisoft has the right game here but they need to commit to it. This idea of just giving us little tidbits is a joke.

They have the chance here to make a name for themselves as one of the top strategic FPS games on the market but the cheating, lack of new map support and lack of admin controls is going to kill the game.

My items:

1) We need ways to defeat the cheats. How about an auto-patcher that patches the game monthly but just shuffles data around so that the hacks are no longer worth bothering with. Forget Punkbuster. Too late for that. Just put out patches that don't really require any ongoing maintenance but that hurt the hack efforts. Kids tire and move on.

2) Give us a way to set up the servers the way we want. =XE= runs a popular server that has a NO GL rule but we have to enforce an honor system because GRAW2 won't let us remove that one (to us) offending weapon from being selected. Everyone on our servers wants it gone but we have to spend half our time kicking people.

3) Fix the text chatting. I get stuck in TEAM chat, 50% of messages start out with "t" in them.

4) Give us auto-map loading. Our users are begging for new maps and we want to give them to them but every time we introduce a new map, the server dies as people get tired of being booted out for lack of having the new maps. Lack of new maps will continue to drive people to look for new experiences.

5) Give us the ability to add our own text to the map loading screen. We can then post our rules, comments and clan info to help with management and building community. We could list our Ventrillo server data as well.

6) Give us direct voice control. Interact with TS and Vent. Let bindings be tied automatically to Ghost/Rebel teams.

7) Fix the ALT-TAB issue. In most every other game I can jump out, check something or fix something and jump back in. Here most of us get dropped from play if we do it.

8) Fix the "Alterted Game Files found" bug.

9) Improve net code. I'm sick of the lag kills. It's an issue in most games but worse than most here.

10) Fix the various map glitches. We can point you to every single one of them. Remove them.

11) Down the line fix the issue of weapons and body parts extending from objects. You can't stick a weapon through a fence and shoot people. CoD4 did this right.

12) Give us some larger maps. CoD4 is like fighting in a dining room. GRAW2 has the ability to draw strategic players but we need space. Arroyo annoys the majority as it's too intimate for many. The biggest issue I see is that the maps we have are all terribly unbalanced and often too close to one another. Those uphill on Fort have an advantage and that's the case with most of the maps. Stop with the chokepoints out of spawns. You should be able to leave a spawn from almost any direction. Spawn killing them becomes strategic instead of just a balance issue.

13) Give us the ability to allow us to password Ghost or Rebel so we can have online live clan practices. Our clan has the password on one team and public gets the other side. Then we don't have to play around with trying to shuffle in and out.

14) Let us admin MOVE people. If we see a balance issue let us go to console and type "/move #22" which will move that player from the team he's on to the other side. If not instantly than on his next death. Now the only option is to kick and hope they rejoin and get the idea to join the other side.

15) Show us the kills/deaths while we respawn. I'm tired of asking and having to answer requests for that info.

16) If we turn on "Language Filter" let it knock out any words we find offensive. No need to autokick if we can just filter out the trash.

These types of items will keep GRAW2 at the top instead of just being the stop-gap many of us viewed it as. We don't want to be here just because we haven't found anything better yet. We want to be here because it's the best game out there.

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One extremely discouraging "feature" of the GRAW series is the limited draw distance. Human draws of 500ft max?(If I remember right). That's just unrealistic. Besides I can see buildings for a greater distance than humans. I can also see your muzzle flash, and the building your in...why not the body? There should be a distance fade or blur that works for the entire environment, or increase the draw distance. In the haze the objects should become blurry...the problem is that you must have post effects on high for it to look normal, but most people don't run it because of the loss of framerates, and honestly it is a clearer view without it. That is why it must be a forced look that doesn't kill your frames.

Is this something than can be fixed?

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Do you really think this game is ever going to be patched again?

I mean honestly, last night on COD4 I got 28,000+ servers. Hundreds of those had plenty of players (up to 32) plus pings of below 100.

Sure its run and gun...except where some servers are running 'classic' modes. But there are plenty of players and you can see who is in each game before joining.

IF GRAW2 gets patched, its going to be one heck of a download. As to 'keep up with the Joneses' there is SO much to fix.

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Do you really think this game is ever going to be patched again?

I mean honestly, last night on COD4 I got 28,000+ servers. Hundreds of those had plenty of players (up to 32) plus pings of below 100.

Sure its run and gun...except where some servers are running 'classic' modes. But there are plenty of players and you can see who is in each game before joining.

IF GRAW2 gets patched, its going to be one heck of a download. As to 'keep up with the Joneses' there is SO much to fix.

The trick is to look for ex-graw clanservers like KFORF, TUG, XE etc. At least we try to get the game a bit more tactical even though that could mean getting rid of uav's airstrikes etc.

The maps out now are too small for such features..... I'd like some more open maps.

The good is there is rain, snow and the graphics look nice. Only the sound feeling is off, I hear myself walking behind me, and I hear people 15 meter away like they are right next to me. In Graw lobbing a nade by sound only was easy for me.... With COD4 that's a different story. Also lobbing short distances is impossible it seems, but maybe I just have to find out how..... :rofl:

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GRAW2 needs a complete add on made available,not just a patch. That wont bring bring people back.[GR] did with Island thunder,Desert Seige, Ravenshield with Athena Sword ect.

I bought COD4 only because nothing has been happening with GRAW. Love the graphics,gameplay is Arcade with eye candy.Anymore than 10 guys on those maps and its just utter kaos.its ok to hack around in but thats it IMHO.

UBI and GRIN need to step up to the plate and put out a substantial download complete with a bunch of maps,bug fixes and not just in a patch. The add on for [GR] kept that game alive for years. Whats the big deal in delivering that for GRAW?

I keep checking back here hoping for just that.Maybe im holding on for nothing. Prove me wrong GRIN.

Love GRAW, but 3-5 full servers worldwide is pathetic.Im old and stubborn in my ways and having to give in to bunny hopping, summer salting, arcade shooters annoys me to no end but it seems that with 28000 some odd servers running in COD4, that speaks volumes as to what the average gamer wants these days.Look at BF2, still running 5000+servers strong.

I considered getting RVS Vegas but heard theres no one playing it either. UBI needs to s*** or get off the pot and figure out whats wrong with this picture.Give your customers the support they deserve and they will support you. Its not rocket science.

Sorry for the rant but I to want this game to do well.Just think its a little late.I'll dust off the disk when I see something happen.Until then its back to a 60 dollar headache in COD4,wheres my advil :wall:

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