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Skype: Anyone tried this?

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It's a great VOIP app, i used to use it alot with all my mates.

Quality is very crisp.

Sometimes we used to use it as a teamspeak for gaming :rofl:


any hidden charges?

have you experienced any weird posting on your phone number or a friend's in a forum?

In another forum, someone just installed it, and his phone number was listed along with his forum signature, which he cannot see, but everyone with Skype could. :(

I had to PM the guy about it. And yes, he was shock to find that out. I had to screen-cap so he could see it for himself. :(

I'll give it a try once I figured out my cheap mic (came with BF2) and ensure there are no hidden charges. 0:)

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I never remember paying for the software. It was free i think.

Besides playing BF2 was quite a while back now. Not sure how skype is nowadays..

I heard you can get a great plugin called Crazy Talk, your mouth moves on the picture as you speak. Sounds kinda awesome.

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