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graw 2 clan, were recriting now. =gk=


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hey boys & girls, over at the =gk= were currently looking to recruit new graw2 players to strengthen our existing clan.

all you need to do is head on over clicking the link and fill out a simple join request, you dont have to be an expert as we have very talented players in our training dept that will help you get better and understand more about the game on one of our dedicated =gk= training/recruitment servers, we regularly host training sessions so you'll be brought up to speed quickly!.

if you are a serious gamer and can skip these steps then you could be appointed one of the "jobs" over there giving you some serious responsibility, and it'll really open up your gaming, we'll help you get set up with team speak as we vocally communicate when gaming as a team, well taking your finger of the trigger button to press "T" and then type in game is a real pain huh!!??

everything we do has no cost, were commited to getting the most out of this game for all of our members!!!

so whatever your level were sure you'll benefit from joining our clan, as we have a serious gaming team right down to people that have just installed graw, you can progress through ranks, or if you have serious ability you'll jump straight to a rank applicable through our "jobs vacancies".

we also have graphics "wizzes" that will helo you design new signature pics for use in all message boards as well as avatars and any other graphic need you may have.

well from the director of operations over at =gk= (genesis knights) i'd like to thank you for your time, and we all look forward to gaming against you soon, however we would sooner be gaming with you.

add me on msn if you'd like more information : daniel-james-eccles@hotmail.co.uk

or head on over to our site (direct link to our division) : http://www.gkclan.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=498

thanks again people and happy huntin' five 5

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