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TuG Team GRAW2 Server going offline


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Today is a very sad day, for the 1st time in approx 5 years TuG wont be running a GR series server. :(

I'll be shutting off our GR:AW2 TuG Team [London] Server this weekend.

We've been there since GR, through GR:AW1 & now GR:AW2 and have enjoyed it a hell of a lot.

A big thanks to all those who've played on our various GR servers over the last 5 years.

Sadly for us, GR:AW2 is just about dead - we just dont have the enthusiasm that we once did to play it.

UBI has had a patch for approx 4 weeks now & have done nothing with it - they just dont seem to care anymore.

Fear not though, as we will be putting up some shiny new CoD4 Servers in the next 2 days (Ranked & Modded), so please come and check us out on those. :D

We also hope to put up a Crysis server when its released aswell.


P.S. If UBI ever does decide to release a patch for GR:AW2 in the distant future, then we'll take a look at it & see if its worth returning.

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