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m14 EBR addon

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Hey guys,

I released my first weapon addon today. A bunch of m14 EBRs. I did the model/texture and some of the config. It was a big project for me, usually I only make new skins. This was my first try at UWVunwrapping too.

Here's a link to the topic at the BI foums. You can find the d/l links in the first post. (thanks Armaholic/Foxhound)


(character texture is mine too, but unreleased).

enjoy! :D

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Just D/L'd them...looking forward to giving them a try.


Congrats JTF. Still haven't gotten around to installing ArmA and QG. If I do I'll definately try this out.

Thanks guys. The other day I dreamed about doing a second version, with a nicer model and texture...

It gets under your skin this stuff.

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