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anyone play Race 07?

Cpl Ledanek

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Old thread, I know. But I just bought a G25 and RACE07 (early holiday present to myself for getting an ok GPA.)

RACE07 is great! What a selection of cars! E30 M3 racer and a whole host of caterhams and radicals. A real great mix of cars. They're easier to drive than the 600bhp monsters in GTR/2. And I've gotta say, for the first time in any racing game, the AI is actually ok. I don't meant they're crazy fast or anything, I mean they behave like real drivers most of the time. And the graphics are great. The tracks look really nice, and the rain is a nice addition.

Only complaint is the lack of new cars so far. SimBin locked down the files pretty tight it seems. I tried to stick some cars from GTR2 in there, but no dice.

anybody else out there playin RACE07 ?

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