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Ever since I saw that one the very first time I've always though there is something funky going on with it....those shadows.

Look closely, there's very defined shadows in the shape of the camels...as there would be if taken during sunset...but looking closer there's also shadows straight underneath the individual camels and the top of their backs are uniformly lit in most cases. I just can't help but feel there's something other than just photography and lucky lighting involved in that one.

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One of my favourite shots has to be St. Paul's Cathedral during the Blitz, along with earthrise on the moon.

My most unforgettable image however, is of Apollo 17 Astronaut Jack Schmitt running across the Moon's surface to prospect for samples at Camelot crater. How must it have felt being the first, last and only scientist to have walked on the face of another world, and even then knowing how little time there was to do so?

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James Dean , the Mr cool of the 50s, he had a short career in the movie industry, cut short by his passion of fast cars, he raced cars legally(Road Registered) and was good at it.

Soon after filming his last movie, Giants,(the film studio insisted, while filming he was not allowed to race cars, and placed a clause in his contract) he and his friends had a race meet to go to, James Dean had bought a new car to race, a 550 Porsche Spyder and decided to drive it to the race track, they nearly got there, when this happen.

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Luna Park Melbourne.

It’s a theme park next to the bay; it first opened its doors (mouth) at year 1912.

The fully restored exterior has been kept original, including the roller-coaster, the frame that supports the tracks is made from timber.(hopefully they placed plenty of bolts and nails to those support braces),


I guess I shouldn’t make fun of a Melbourne icon, but I believe that the entrance (the face with open mouth) looks evil, I mean, look at them eyes, it’s like a scene from some retro horror movie, but offcourse it’s only my opinion.

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The 'Red Forest' of Chernobyl

In the hours and days after the accident at Chernobyl reactor #4, the cloud of radioactive particles that rose from the flames of hunreds of tons of burning graphite and uranium deposited the heaviest particles directly on a pine forest just a short distance away. So intense was the radiation emitted from the particles absorbed by the trees that it is said they glowed at night, LITERALLY. From the picture, it's clear where the heavy radioactive particles fell. In the background, near the top of the photo, one can see the building which houses reactors #3 and #4, and beyond them the cooling pond. To the right (out of picture) would be the town of Chernobyl, and to the left (again out of picture, if barely) the very modern and desireable, and now totally abandoned for another 300-900 years yet, city of Pripyat. Gotta love that Caesium...

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