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Kicked ( possibly banned) from UEI?

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I've just been kicked from UEI's (Spanish Clan) server and am hoping they may visit these forums and be considerate enough to explain.

We were playing Castle Day ([GR]) and in the first round spawned south, UEI obviously spawing east behind the hut. On of the guys on my team had moved east and killed a UEI player somewhere near the hut as he was heading for the east entrance. He was subsequently told this was spawn killing and must stop, which he did.

Following round when we spawned in the east, the previously accused player was killed by UEI as he too ran past the hut. When he raised this as a spawn kill UEI advised that " killing in the spawn is a spawn-kill but when moving away from the spawn it was ok".

So next round (back in the south) I head east with my trusty HK21 and find some cover that affords me a clear line of sight to the east gate. I am fortunate to drop two UEI as they were at the east entrance, only to be accused of spawn killing.

I made three, very civil requests for them to explain why it was spawn killing when done by the opposition but not by UEI. Their response to the 3rd asking was to o kick me!

Now, I wont lose any sleep over this as there are better run servers out there but it's no wonder people are struggling with GRAW2 MP when this type of mentality is shown by some clans.

So, should any UEI show their face on these forums and see this post, there's a very confused, veteran GR/GRAW player who's dying to hear their explanation.......... but hey, I wont hold my breath. <_<

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