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Americas Army Demo on LIVE Marketplace...


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Ok finally got to play it....

-weapon firing and such is fine

-grenade throwing is the worst function of combat since i hate seeing meters and things of that nature (Infiltration still does grenades the best as well as most realistic)

-I let myself get shot down to see how the medic function works...your allies will come over with a med pack and heal you as long as the area is relatively safe..their reaction time to come heal you depends on the situation.

-As a player you also have the option to heal teammates, if its too dangerous you are still given the option to drag/carry a teammate to safety.

-the lady calling out commands and objectives is hopefully optional as should the blue enemy designators.

-there is a sprint function in the game but for some odd reason you have to be standing upright to sprint...u cant go from crouch to sprint (bad choice).

-teammates arent worth judging since you have to think of this game as being exclusively set up as being a co-op campaign.

-Given what it is i would still rather play Island thunder due to its great squad commands and AI.

- I can see myself playing this game on co-op, but given the glut of games id say its something for later

-this seems like another game that will further the stereotype that all realistic sim shooters are clunky.

-Lastly the worst aspect thus far is the graphics....they seem to be below graw 2 multiplayer quality wise.....to me its not the be all end all but it is something worth noting.

thankfully theres still the graw 2 co-op collection to look forward to as well as the sure thing Ground Branch game for next year.

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Played AA a few minutes today, and WHAT is with the horrendous aiming mechanics? I'll give you an analogy: it's like a mouse wheel set to scroll at 5 lines at a time instead of one. That issue plus the goofy grenade throwing minigame will keep me from buying it.

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This is pretty disheartening to hear as I had high hopes for this game on the xbox.

The sprinting issue though I see as a good thing. If you want to sprint then you have to stand up which means you expose yourself more and become an easier target. I think that this will help with team tactics and stealth play as you won't see a bunch of people running around.

Oh well. I'm sure I'll rent it.

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This seems like a early demo from playing it. There is afew things that are glitchy that you expect to be in a early version and i hope that what it is.

Anyways the game still can be saveable if the final has must to all the fixs. There is only one thing that kind of drives my bonkers and its the only thing i can't look past if its in the final version. It is AA and its ment to be a sim. There is a bleed out timer for fallen players. Well so far it just so happens to be no matter how you take them down with a gun he goes into a bleed out timer (Headshots and all). Even frags seem to be a bleed out timer instand of instance kill. Airstrikes seem to be the only way to just kill them so far from what i played. A bleed out timer is fine, but if i at least get a head shot there should be no bleed timer! Also another thing once you revieve a person from what i seen he goes back to a full health bar. You can also heal yourself in battle back to a full health when hit just as long as you have a med kit. As of right now the game is only a demo and still can be fixed in many ways, but if they leave the bleed out thing the way it is without haven no instance kills this game is a pure lose to me. Heck they can leave all the glitchs in there the way they are now, but they have to fix the way people die if they want me to buy this game!

Oh P.S.

The CooP is a blast and should be great for any GR player. They did a great job on the CooP if there is at least one good thing to say about this game its the CooP!

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Well I was going to play this with Preach last night, but my internet decided to download it really, really, really, slow (3 hours and only about 25% done).

But I am not liking what I am hearing. Especially the bleed out thing that Preach is talking about, that would bug me mroe than anything, and also the "total heal" by med packs, even in GRAW2 ( not the most simmy of sims) it only takes you up one level.

Sounds alot like another kinda sim game that doesn't quite pull it off and therefore becomes kinda mediocre.

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I played alot more tonight and i do take back the full health thing to a point. I noticed tonight it depends on how bad you where hit on the health you get back from a knock down. Yet if you do get knocked down you may get half health back. You only need to take a single hit and live then the option to med yourself comes up and your back to full health. So its not always full health i guess. Plus the game is still greatly built on a 1 hit kill system so its not like full health does you much good anyways! There seems to be a max of 2 knockdowns and on the 3rd its a instance death. Not to bad, but i would like to see head shots get fixed to a instance death! Lets just hope its only becuase its a early demo and thats all!

The game really seems to be a turn off the first time you play it for must. Yet if you give it half a chance it really grows on you. The bad thing is the first time people play they dont use the True Soldier option so it really looks bad. If you turn it on and if you get in a room with good people that work togther and you learn how to play it, than it really gets good and it turns into a great game. Yet must people try it for 5 mins on the wrong settings with people that don't care to play as a team than they hate it and the game is deleted. Talking trash to everyone of there friends and when there friends try it they aint worth given it half a chance right from the get go. The game does need work, but it really aint all that much its little bugs you expect from a demo. If the you give it a chance you may just fall in love with it once they learn how to play! The Demo really is going to hurt AA:TS in sales even knowen it wasn't going to sell anyways with COD4 comeing in less than a week! AA is truely coming out at a bad time. All i got to say is if the final turns out to be great with all the fixxs i hope must will be willing to give it another chance if you can get them off COD4 that is! It really can be a great game and i find it really hard to believe any Hardcore fan of GR would not love this game!

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i deleted it after playing both co op and deathmatch, and im a HARDCORE [GR] fan.

-i hate that when u select a different item it centers the screen

-i hate the glitch that when u reload the hud gets stuck and u can't change weapons or anything for about 10 seconds

-i hate that u can only down the other team n not kill them, pretty sad for a official army game as death is apart of the army in a big way so i don't know why they would hide it.

-the aiming is crap

-i did have fun but 10 minutes is so limited for a co op demo, i just don't know y they don't atleast give us 30 minutes, then we could actually you know..........TAKE IN THE DEMO!

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