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Round 1 Match 6 - PMC vs ICE


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Welcome to your official match communication thread.

Please use this thread to confirm your Round 1 match time with your opponent.

I suggest in your first post you write down your schedule of availability and any communication methods you wish to be contacted by. Please note, this thread will be used as the official communications thread and all communications should be placed here. It will be used should any disputes arise. Please also note that we have some European teams in the TDM tournament and although, this is primarily a North American tourney, we should try to accommodate and vice versa. So please check this thread often.

*Your match can commence Nov 2nd at 8:00 p.m. and must be completed and reported no later then Nov 6th at Midnight EST.


*Once your match time has been decided upon and you have verified there is a server available for that time, please do not forget to P.M. SCE_Irish Stout to reserve your time.

*Also remember the loser of the match must report the loss here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=47454

Good luck to you and your team and have fun.

If you team name does appear in the title of the thread then you are in the wrong thread and therefore, please do not reply here.

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g()dLiK3' date='Nov 4 2007, 11:00 PM' post='501941']

so I guess we have until tuesday at midnight lol. Any of those day should work.

I'll propose GMT +0 (14:00~16:00). What say you? :D

4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5

lol I dont know the GMT time. can you reference that to EST time zone? Also what day do you want?

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g()dLiK3' date='Nov 5 2007, 08:26 AM' post='501984']

EST time zone is - 5 GMT

Bad News Guys, My computer broke down today. Raid Array failed and some trouble in the clan. PMC will withdrawn it's participation in this Tournament. Sorry.

Don't have 4 guys to continue on? Your roster shows more. Tell Tuffandam to step up and lead his crew (he knows me if it's the one i'm thinking of)

Also even if you forfeit this one there will be a HH Siege and RVSA after it. Each you get points for for final overal tournament placement.

Don't give your team up since your pc is down.

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Please someone from PMC contact me A.S.A.P.

I am sorry to say but if PMC does not contact me and this match does not take place by Midnight tonight, ICESoldiers will be given the forfeit win of 3/0 and move on to the next Round. But will not be given any points unless they play there round 2 match. Which I am sure will be no issue with ICE ;)

Hopefully the PMC drop will only be for the TDM portion of the Players Tourney and that they can regroup and provide a team for the HH, Siege and RvA action.

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