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GR online ubi not working?


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Hi all,

Installed my ubisoft GR "3-in-1" game during the week. Updated it and tried to log in to ubi but not a chance! I'm running it on a hi spec machine with Vista. Here are the errors:

The plugin list URL was not found in your settings file.


Any help would be appreciated. I'd love to get back into GR online.



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Hello. I am having the exact same problems running the game on my hi-spec laptop. Exact same errors. Was wondering if you have rectified your issues and if so, could enlighten me with how....It is driving me crazy! :wall:

Anticipating a reply,


Hi Hurricane Wags,

To be honest I had completely forgotten about this until I got an email to say there was a new post. I'm a bit more familiar with Vista so I tackled this problem again this evening to see if I could get it to work (thanks for reminding me!). So anyway, for the first time ever I can answer YES to a technical query!!!

Are you running Vista? If so:

Close Ghost Recon.

Open the start menu and All Programs, scroll to ubi.com, open it and right-click "Play Online!"

Left-click "Run as administrator"

This will start ubi, and then (if it's the same as my issue), it will start updating itself (the version I had from the disk was multiple patches out of date).

Now close ubi, and launch Ghost Recon.

When you try to play online, it will put an icon in the task bar called ubi.com. Right click this and left click "Play Now". This will open ubi, go into the lobby, and try to join a game. Ubi will then search for the .exe on your hard drive (let it do it auto). Now you can play the game. Be warned, if you have just the basic GR, you may have to update it with patches, and also there are many, many modded games in the lobby, and you cannot play in them unless you have that particular mod installed.

Hope that helps,


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