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GRAW 2 Official Poster

GRAW 2 Official Reflective Wrist Band

CoD 4 Modern Warfare Official Poster

CoD 4 Modern Warfare Official T-Shirt

CoD 4 Modern Warfare Official Poster Messenger Bag

Blackhawk Products Poster

Blackhawk Products "Knock, Knock" Poster

FN SCAR Weapons System T-Shirt

FN Sticker

FN Pen

'HOOAH' Soldier Fuel Baseball Hat

'HOOAH' Soldier Fuel Baseball Hat

Ubisoft ID Strap

Playstation 3 ID Strap

Capcom ID Strap

Logitech 'Flashing LED' ID Strap

Final Fantasy VII Cell Phone Cleaner

Nokia N-Gage Cell Phone Strap

Xbox 360 Cell Phone Strap

Pokemon Cell Phone Strap

These items are all brand new and to be sold as a job lot.

PM me your best offer.


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Ok, here is one for the airsoft junkie.

I received this glock about a year ago and it has never left the closet I keep it in. I guess I've just never had the time. It seems like a really cool pistol, it is the same weight as the glock and even comes apart the same way as the real thing. I am not a huge gun person or airsoft person so sorry I can't get too technical with this item but I'll post some things I have found out about. It was purchased for about $160 and just because I want to get rid of it I will part with it for $90 or nearly half the price. I'll also throw in a container of high density bb's for it containing 2,000 .20g rounds, along with two canisters of green gas.

Ok so here are the only specs I could find on it:

Product Features

* Gas Powered Automatic Airsoft Pistol

* Metal Guide Rod

* Full Metal Slide and Barrel

* Velocity: 320 fps

Here is an interesting review thread of the item. It looks like these review though are from the UK and I'll just not that mine does not have the markings on it like some of the ones pictured in threads.


You can also add accessories to it such as a flash light or silencer.


Now $90 includes shipping to wherever you live in the US. I'm willing to ship to the UK or anywhere else overseas but I'd have to see how much extra the shipping would be before I gave you a final price.



Just PM me if you have any questions. Thanks.

Crap, this was meant to be added to market place. I'll pm someone.

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For sale, an M-audio Trigger Finger (Midi controler surface) Beat Pad


PM offers please.

Software included

Fully Boxed with manual.


I'll even throw in a serial port midi cable for ya

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No but I have plenty of used M4 mags.

I haven't got one of those...yet. :lol:

The range where I shoot lets you rent guns pretty cheap and the past two weekends I've rented the Bushmaster M4. I've shot the M-16 before...so I figured it would be similar - but that M4 - now that's a nice piece.

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GR Gold Edition. I would keep it, but I no longer game on the PC. Sticking with the console now.


The HP CD has both the Frostbite and Year of The Monkey mods on it.


The discs do not have a single scratch on them. $15

Tango Down pistol grip (brand new, unused) $25

Stubby foldaway vertical grip. Some scuff marks on the bottom (visible in the photo), but the sides are 100% clean $35


DPMS .308 mags, new, still in wrapper $35 each, buy all four for $130


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