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The XE server

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I cant help but to feel some comments in other topics were directed towards XE. I know that some issues are extremely difficult to handle, unfortunately the game is not set up to allow administrators to do their jobs effectively and 100percent fair. You all must admit that GRAW2 is just a game that will come and go. Perhaps a little quicker than previous titles. All I am trying to do is make the guys in XE happy.

Please remember. XE members help donate to play on servers that they feel comfortable playing on. If They find someone that they don't feel comfortable with.... weather its not following the rules, insulting XE or Questionable game play I do NOT have a problem with them removing the players in question from the servers.

We do have a ban protocol which I will post following this post. We do our best to follow the protocol but sometimes there is soo much going on it can be difficult to get everything down right... and lets face it. Who wants to get into an argument when they are just trying to play a few games. If I could admin my admins I would. LOL. If someone could tell me how to admin them I would love to know. To me so far the bans are not out of control and there have not been many complaints.

As a matter of speak, The XE server is NOT a public server. If I could make the server invite only I would but locking the server would have some obviously bad effects.

My own opinions.

1. I love spawn rape. I have NO problems when it is done to me, its challenging to get out of. I would love to have immortal time set to 0. I set the server to what popular demand is from my clan. right now 10 seconds.

2. I love to play with gl's. I think when your getting raped it can be your only way to defend yourselves out of the spawn. Once again I set the server to popular demand. right now No gl's.

3. Everyone will admin the server differently, but I recommend they follow the XE GRAW2 division ban protocol If you donate to the clan and you are XE and you can prove yourself level headed you WILL get admin to the GRAW2 server. We currently have NO problems keeping the server full. The XE GRAW2 division seems pretty happy with the way things are going and there is generally little complaints.

So in short. Keep the many admins happy and there will be no problems. If you have a server of your own play how you want.

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This is merely a guide. Its not perfect, but its what I ask the admins to follow.


Reasons for kick

1. pings over 300.

2. Swearing.

3. Cheat accusations.

4. Nading Spawn areas

5. Glitching (ie. climbing on rooftops, being in areas not on map).

6. Bad mouthing XE.

7. Excesive team killing.

**Occurances do NOT have to be the same reason for every warning.

Steps to follow

Warnings For poor behavior

First Warning:

1. Warn offenders in capital letters.

2. Take a screen shot

2. If Player Fails to respond. Kick player from server.

Second Warning:

1. If Player Rejoins and continues poor behavior again.

2. Warn offender a second time in capital letters,

3. Take a screen shot.

4. If Player Fails to respond. Ban player from server for 1 hour.

Follow up

1. Post a debriefing in the XE only/GRAW XE section of forums.

-Include banned players name

-Both Screen shots hosted by Photobucket or some other host.

-If a 1hour banned player is able to rejoin the XE server his name MUST be in the forums.

- If it is NOT you must revert to First Warning for future offences.

-Server Admins should keep a list of players that have already been banned for 1hour.

Last Warning:

1. Last warning constitues a final ban.

2. If a player needs to be warned after the follow up is in place Admins may move directly to ban.

3. Send a message as such.


4. Take a Screen shot and add it to the follow up.

***This protocol is in effect to protect the integrity of the admins that run the GRAW server

***Any players banned on the GRAW server without follow up posts will be UN-BANNED per request.

***If a player is banned from the GRAW server without a follow up post in forums and that player joins forums to complain. A public apology will be made on behalf of XE and the GRAW division and the banned player will be unbanned.

***If you do not have the patience to Admin the server to these rules then DO NOT admin the server.





ALWAYS USE THE 'o' Console when entering commands NEVER the GAME CHAT

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Nor do I see anything wrong with this SOP. Well done.

However, the problem with all SOPs is inherent when people don't follow them.

All admins walk a fine line and should tread carefully, no matter what server they admin or moderate.

I was banned from XE about 6-8 weeks ago. No warning was issued.

I think someone was just having a bad day.

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i was banned once in GRAW1 by XE for a bust on Dingo. Basically when i killed him i said ...and dingo was his namo

then i killed him again later and said in the chat

and dingo was his namo




never got the G, O out before i was banned. I thought everyone was laughing it up (as most were) but i think he took it personal. I'm sure some of you are laughing at my pun now that i was banned for. I had that stupid song stuck in my head all night after i said it the 1st time

Anyway a post in the forum got my ban undone and the unbanning was handled well.

My reference to being kicked for the GL when i hand naded was do to me hand nading someone on the server that was non xe and the guy and his friend both swore to xe that i gl'd. it wasn't a ban though. Also i haven't been there in a bit but one night i was on, the vote was set to low (like 20%) and non xe kept voting peeps with the highest score out (me being one of them)

With XE though i have no real qualms. Just a few things i have noticed and i usually don't play there do to the kit restriction even though i rarely use a GL as specter stated, sometimes it's the only way to counter a spawn rape.

Back in GRAW1 also they let in a member that i sent them a screenshot of specifically glitching on the wrong side of the bridge in Comm station. Granted after becoming XE i never saw him do it but it was handled oddly since the XE's on at the time were all buddy buddy with him since he was a recruit.

Basically this is how we run our server.

No member of AFZ bans without a screenshot or video to back it up period. It must be posted in our forum immediatly so that the person can see why they were banned asap.

We will warn for language as once one starts it becomes a swearing contest.

1st, = warning

2nd = screenshot and kick (or an admin kill to get there attention to make sure they saw the chat.

3rd = screenshot and ban.

Raping the spawn by all means (GL included ) is allowed but they get a 5 sec spawn protect. After a few deaths everyone that rapes figures it out and gives a little space.

TK autokick is at 1 so on your second tk it kicks you. If you come back and do it again you may be banned.

Glitching is not allowed, but if you can climb on it (without special key combos), you will not be banned.

Outside the playing area = ban

unlimited nades or ammo auto = ban

all above won't happen without a screenshot.

If someone sends us a screeny or video of someone doing the above in our server and logs show he was on at that time, you will be banned.

You can argue your case in our forum and we won't delete your posts... but if you are disrespectful in the way you post you may get a whole website ban.

Our rules are basic and anyone can admin with them. If you are AFZ and you think someone is cheating YOU MUST TAKE THE TIME TO GET THE PROOF. We don't ban on speculation period.

Our rules also lead to this. If you think someone is cheating you must REALLY think they are as you must put in the legwork of screenshots and video + posting about it in our forum. This eliminates the admin is having a bad day and banning everyone syndrome.

Anyway this is in no way a bust on XE, but just some examples of how things can go wrong with admins, and how another clan does it. I get along with most XE and sometimes i will stop by there server for some games. I have seen the same scenarios on more then just there server also, so it's not ment to single them out.

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Specter, I have found your server to be one of the hardest to get into because it is always full. When I do get in it has always been a pleasure to have played with all of XE members and the other players. I have slipped up and kitted up with a GL on some of the maps, and apologize to you and the admins for that, but it was just a habit of getting the best kit for the map. I am remembering not to use any GL kits when in your server and will abide by your rules. I also totally agree with your set of rules and the way you and your admins are running things. I am 60 years old and do enjoy playing on line with all you 30 and 40 year old youngsters. :D:D:D

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